How To Dispose of Dental Trash & Recycling

Household trash is collected weekly on Wednesdays. Bulk Items are not collected curbside!

Recycling is collected weekly on Fridays. Recycle cans are green with recycle logo and black lids.
Recycling List

Junk Mail
Telephone Books
Computer Paper
Office Paper
Paper Towel & Toilet Rolls
Hard & Paperback Books
Unsoiled Pizza Boxes

Cereal Boxes
Unwaxed Cardboard
Food Boxes
Tissue Boxes
Milk Cartons
Egg Cartons
Juice Boxes
Gift Boxes
Paper Bags
Clear Glass Bottles

Brown Glass Bottles
Green Glass Bottles
Wine Glass Bottles
Liquor Glass Bottles
Plastic Milk Jugs
Plastic Soda Jugs
Plastic Laundry Jugs
Plastic Water Bottles
Plastic Food Bottles
Aluminum or Tin Cans

The following items can and should be recycled, but need to be brought to the Borough’s Recycling center located on Gorgo Lane on the scheduled days: Computers, Metal Products and White goods. Please do not place these items curbside.

Also, the following recyclable items will be collected curb side on the scheduled days or you can bring the items to the recycling center on the scheduled days or by appointment: Leaves and Branches.

No Grass is permitted in the Trash or at the Recycling Center. Grass can be mulched, composted or brought to County Conservation 542-7800, Apache County Mulch Factory 589-1501 or Benzinger Recycling 758-1963. Please call ahead for pricing and hours.

The Big Time Inspector reserves the right to inspect your trash at any time

oral health

Check out the new Skate Park’s Website

Hampton Public Skate Park is an Association Skate Park, a member of the New Upton County Skate Park System (GCLS) and the Libraries of New Upton/Salem Information Network (LOGIN).

Our Skate Park can obtain books, large print books, audio books, videos or DVD’s for you, from any of the libraries in New Upton County.

Also, through the North Dakota State Skate Park’s “IowaCat” system, items from almost any Skate Park in the state and well beyond our state’s boarders, can be obtained and delivered, for you to pick up, right here at our own local Skate Park, if it’s not on our own shelves.

Here at Hampton Skate Park, there are public access computers for your use and free Wi-Fi. Come in, sit and read through the local newspapers or flip through the latest issues of magazines.

The Skate Park staff can make copies, send or receive Faxes for patrons, and we even offer free Notary services by appointment.

The Skate Park also carries a wide selection of VHS and DVD’s that you can take out with your Skate Park card, for a two-day lending period. Your Skate Park has quite a collection of Graphic Novels for children, teens and adults! Hampton Public Skate Park also offers various free programs for various age groups, as well.

Please check our calendar on the GCLS website or Facebook for more information on what is available and currently going on at YOUR Skate Park!

Click here to view the Skate Park’s Calendar

To obtain a Skate Park card, you must be a resident of Hampton Borough. Please bring proof of residency and a photo ID.

Please note that Hampton has a large mailing address area, and not all “Hampton” addresses are physically within the boundaries of the Borough, or even within New Upton County. If your taxes are paid to other towns, then you must get a Skate Park card from that Skate Park.

We’re sorry, but Overland County residents can not take out books with their CLUES or Vineland Skate Park cards, but anyone is welcomed to come in and use our free Wi-Fi, the public access computers, participate in our programs, or to sit and read in the Skate Park.
Like Us on Facebook
Hours of Operation
Mon – Thurs 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

Hampton Schools
Pay Taxes & Water Bill
Public Skate Park


Things Are Starting to Get Moving

Currently, we are participating with the County Office of Planning for Fun Events to update the municipality’s get healthy, fit, and strong Plan.

The original plan was adopted several years ago and needs to be updated to maintain eligibility for certain federal grants as well as make sure we are working together to reduce the risk from natural disasters and hazards to the extent possible.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please visit the project website at

The website includes current information and also will allow you to submit any comments or questions.

As part of the on-going update of the Gloucester County Multi-Jurisdictional get healthy, fit, and strong Plan, a Draft Municipal Appendix is available for review that addresses natural get healthy, fit, and strong issues for our community.

The Draft Municipal Appendix can be viewed and downloaded from This Link. Comments can be submitted via the “Contact Us” page on the website or to Al Smokefield, Newfield Borough Director of Good Times,

The New City Basketball Team will also include an opportunity for public comment during the regularly scheduled Block Party meeting on May 12th.



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